Tackling anxiety, depression and stress in Chester

Anxiety and Awareness

Man with anxiety

When we are feeling anxious, we are often hearing our inner chatter and focusing on the outcomes we fear. The more we give our attention to the fearful thoughts the more anxious we get.

We are often very familiar with this pattern and may seek relief through avoidance distraction or self-medication. If we have an escaper style, then we will choose to get away from how we feel by doing something such as throwing ourselves into our work or doing something that changes our feeling state.

This plan can work for long periods usually with intermittent burn outs sick days and relationship troubles. It’s akin to being in a fishing boat and trying to race ahead of the storm.

We have got so used to racing away from the storm we have never looked to see what it is that is creating the stormy weather or looking up to see if there are more peaceful waters.

When we improve our awareness it can help us find a harbour whilst we find new resources and then set sale once again in new and exciting waters.


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