Tackling anxiety, depression and stress in Chester


Symbiosis Symbiosis is normal between mother and infant, and is an important process in child development. The mother is attentive to her child’s needs and the child feels secure.  As you can imagine this way of relating is less effective when it is between you and your partner, or you and your boss now that […]



A common theme for people I see is the desire to make use of their time productively and many are also saying that they can’t seem to motivate themselves right now. Whenever I hear the word motivation I feel my heart sink and I instantly wonder if that’s what happens for others too. In my […]

Anxiety and Awareness

Man with anxiety

When we are feeling anxious, we are often hearing our inner chatter and focusing on the outcomes we fear. The more we give our attention to the fearful thoughts the more anxious we get. We are often very familiar with this pattern and may seek relief through avoidance distraction or self-medication. If we have an […]


Man having counselling for addiction

People who struggle with addiction and compulsions have often experienced some kind of early relational trauma: sexual abuse, neglect, physical, verbal or emotional abuse; or some unfortunate combination therein. For example, when a child desires contact touch affection holding comfort and love and these are withheld, and the child mocked or ignored then the child […]


Couple having therapy for relationship issues

When 7 out of 10 really is right for us.  It might seem odd at first to think about putting a score on a romantic relationship we are entering however most of us have done it to some extent. At the beginning of relationships many of us will have had that head over heels feeling […]

Finding balance in our life

Anxiety, depression and stress - finding a balance

Creating a vision or having an idea of what sort of life would be good for us is a good goal setting exercise. If you are reading this then it’s likely that you have had some difficulties creating a balanced life for yourself. It’s often a difficult task to know what a balanced life might […]